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47 Best Short Beard Styles for Men of All Ages and Face Shapes

by Zack Robbins |  2019 | Beard StylesBeardoholic 

Short beards are both smart and distinct if you understand exactly how to grow and then style them.

Most men today who cannot fully grow a beard tend to go for the classic look, basically maintaining a beard to a trimmed-down shorter length.

For men with beards, the following list of 47 best short beard styles will give them plenty of sexy, manly, and elegant looks to choose from.

With so many different short beard styles, it is hard to tell what is the optimal length of a short beard. Stubble beard is a short beard, but that’s also a chin strap.

The rule that usually applies says that short beard can’t be longer than one or two inches below your chin. Any beard longer than this does not qualify as a short beard.

Is Short Beard For You?

Not every man wants to grow a long beard. On the other hand, some men can’t grow a  full beard for various reasons. In both scenarios, that is why short beards exist.

If you are still weighing whether to grow a short beard or not, maybe some of the benefits that come with them will convince you to go for it.

After you hear them, you are free to decide if the short beard is for you.

Before you learn what you get when choosing one of the short beard styles, it is good to know that short beard doesn’t work for every man.

Whether it will look good on you or not will depend largely on the growth pattern of your beard. For example, short beard styles look the best on men who have a uniform facial hair growth pattern.

Assuming you qualify for a short beard style, you should now find out about the benefits of short beards.

Easy maintenance is the most critical benefit of short beards. This means less time spent in the bathroom in the morning while trying to groom your beard.

Also, you will never have to worry about the wind or any other bad weather condition again because short beards are more neath than longer ones.

When you have a short beard, there aren’t a lot of hairs to control. This simply means you won’t have to deal with all kind of messes in the beard, like food getting stuck in it.

Maybe these benefits have convinced you to grow a short beard. But before you hurry to choose your short beard style, make sure that a short beard will suit you well.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Short Beard Style

As already mentioned, short beard styles are not for everyone. On some man’s faces, short beard style won’t look good at all.

Important things that determine if you are a good candidate for a short beard are:

1. The Shape of Your Face

Short beard is not suitable for all face shapes. If you’re unsure which is your face shape, a barber can help you determine it. Only after that, you should start looking for your short beard style.

2. Facial Features

Your jaw, the length of your face and your cheekbones play a significant role in deciding which beard style is for you.

This is even more important when it comes to short beard styles, as you won’t be able to hide your facial features underneath your beard.

3. Skin Type

Although maintenance of a short beard is easy, you should pay attention to it if you have sensitive skin. In that case, you may experience discomfort or irritation when you shave and trim your beard.

Short Beard Styles for All Face Shapes

Just as for any other beard style, your face shape will tell if a specific short beard style will suit you well or not.

However, this is not the reason to worry because the list of potential short beard styles is long, and there is at least one beard style that goes with your facial shape. The possibilities are limitless, sort to speak.

Men with round faces look great if they have stubble or diamond-shaped beard. Sharp lines that encircle the cheeks is the best way to shape the stubble.

Those with diamond-shaped face look best if the sides of their beards are shorter and the bottom longer.

Stubble also suits men with longer faces. Although, the short beard that suits these men better is the one which is fuller on the sides and shorter on the bottom. They can also pull off well an extended goatee.

Beard that is full on the chin and short on sides looks fantastic on men with square faces.

This short beard style looks well even if the hairs veer toward the more extended end.

Men with their face shaped like diamond are qualified for a shorter version of a full beard.

This means that you can let the beard grow on the underside of your chin and neck.  If you feel braver, you can also experiment with a chin strap.

How To Trim a Short Beard?

Having all previously said in mind, you can decide on your short beard style.

The next step is not shaving for a week or two. Remember you are doing this to see how much your beard can grow in the meantime.

Around this time, when the beard is the shortest, most men usually experience discomfort caused by beard itch. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily solved with some good beard oil.

After that, it’s time for trimming and shaping your short beard. It would be the best to visit the barber for the first trim.

Taking into consideration your face shape and other factors, the barber will define a precise line and trim your beard. You can also ask your barber for advice on how to cut the beard yourself next time.

When it comes to a short beard, always trim a little first.

This is essential because you can trim more later if you’re not satisfied, but if you shave too much of your beard, you will have to wait for it to grow back in.

Trimming your short beard will require the right tools, so get yourself an excellent electric beard trimmer to make more accurate cuts.

To cut your beard evenly, beard trimmer should be set to 5 or 4. If that looks like too much, you can reduce it to 3 or 2.

However, remember that it’s better to set the length slightly longer than needed in the beginning, and trim your beard in phases.

Depending on the short beard style of your choice, your beard can vary in length on different parts of your face.

For example, you can set the razor to 3 for the jaw and mustache, and to 2 for the cheeks. That way the cheeks will blend with your neckline and jaw.

Again, this depends on the style you’re going after.

You may find it difficult to trim the corner of your mouth, around the ears and nose. Good beard comb, along with the scissors can be a great ally. You can view ours as a great choice.

Using a comb, you will raise the hairs that need to be trimmed against the lie of the face and trim hairs one by one slowly, being careful not to cut off too much.

Finishing touches are trimming the neckline and outlining your beard. When it comes to the neckline, it can be done in two ways.

You can either completely shave it or fade it out. Cutting the neckline is not that hard, but beginners often make a mistake and trim the neckline too high.

The ideal neckline of your beard should be two fingers above your Adam’s apple. When finished, your neckline should look like a letter U when you look at it from one ear to another.

If you, however, prefer fading your neckline instead of trimming it, set a trimmer to 2 when you’re trimming your jaw. When you reach Adam’s apple, switch it to 1.

How To Comb a Short Beard?

After you trim your beard to the desired short beard style, you should return it to the line. You do this by combing your beard.

For the best effect, before combing your short beard, use best beard oil.

Use beard comb to spread the oil over the whole beard, starting from the top of your beard to the bottom, then continue from the side to the center.

This way you can also see if you’ve missed some spots while trimming your beard. Also, this will tame your facial hairs and make them grow in the desired direction.

The texture of your beard determines which beard comb to use.

It is recommended to use a beard comb with wider teeth in the beginning, and if you have a denser beard. Men with a softer beard will benefit more from a beard comb with finer teeth.

How to Maintain a Short Beard?

If you are serious about growing any beard, you will start maintaining it from day one.

All beards should be maintained daily, but this is especially true for shorter beard styles because they need regular trimming to remain at a certain length.

Of course, beard oil is a must, although it’s important to choose the one made with natural ingredients if you want to help your beard grow healthier.

Beard oil should be massaged all the way into the skin underneath your beard, not just on the surface of your beard.

You should especially pay attention to apply beard oil thoroughly into the part of your beard behind the chin and under the jaw because that is where your facial hair is the densest.

Although your beard doesn’t grow so fast that you have to trim it every day, you still have to wash it at least two or three times a week.

This is precisely why you will need some quality beard shampoo and or natural beard soap.

Often men use regular soap and shampoo to wash their beard, although this should be avoided.

Ordinary soaps and shampoos tend to dry your skin and beard, making it break and damage easily.

Washing should be performed gently while using the tips of your fingers to massage your skin and beard thoroughly.

This will stimulate blood flow to your beard and make it grow healthier.

After washing your beard, you should dry it, and apply a drop or two of beard oil. In case of short beard styles, all these rituals should be regularly repeated.

When you start growing a short beard style, you will soon realize that often it takes some additional care and more time in maintaining it than long beards, but it pays off in the end.

Minimal Growth Combined with Short Stubble

The following cool beard styles are for guys who like to keep things short, neat, trimmed, and professional. Perfect for any work environment or for guys who love that rolled out of bed look.

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